“Gestalt” is a German word that means “unified whole”. Gestalt therapy is based on the premise that all of us have an inner desire to find solutions to our problems while continuing to grow as human beings. Unlike many forms of therapy that centre around how the client’s past experiences have shaped the way they see and respond to the world today, Gestalt therapy is based on what is happening in the here and now.   Instead of spending time talking about the past, a Gestalt therapist will encourage you to explore how you feel at this moment in time. By learning to understand how your responses are connected with your present situation, you are able to make positive changes that lead you closer to your full potential. Your past experiences are considered in terms of how they contribute to the struggles you are currently experiencing, but the primary focus is on the present.   As a a registered psychotherapist and counsellor for mental health in Toronto, your Gestalt therapist will encourage you to really live in the here and now, to fully experience the thoughts, emotions, perceptions and physical sensations. Role play, dance and movement are frequently used to facilitate Gestalt therapy. The therapeutic relationship is of paramount importance. Gestalt therapy is a treatment modality that focuses on what is happening right now, during the present interaction between the therapist and the client. For therapy to succeed, the client needs to be open and honest.   Alexandra Gusinsky recognizes that this can be uncomfortable. She will provide you with a safe environment in which you can explore and experience your emotions and experiment with new ways to thinking and acting. You will be heard without being judged, and you will be gently guided through the process of exploration and growth.   For more information about Gestalt therapy and how it can help you, call her today.
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