Focusing-oriented psychotherapy, or “Focusing” as it is sometimes called, is a form of talk therapy in which the client is gently encouraged to tap into an inner feeling, or “felt sense”. The felt sense is not an identifiable emotion; rather, it is a sense that is difficult to put into words. The difficulty with verbalization is a key element of Focusing. Instead of talking about thoughts and emotions that are identifiable, clients allow themselves to explore those things that they cannot define. As a registered psychotherapist and counsellor for mental health in Toronto, I highly recommend it. <br>   This process is designed to encourage you to really listen to your inner self, as you delve into the feelings that you know are there but have not had the opportunity to address. For example, a particular experience may have left you with an unpleasant feeling that you have never been able to put into words. You have a general sense that something is not right. A Focusing therapist will guide you as you try to pinpoint that feeling. You will be encouraged to experience the felt sense not as an emotion, but as a physical feeling in your body.   The felt sense varies depending on the circumstances and the person. Some individuals might experience it as a knot in the stomach; others may feel as if a part of them has been ripped away. Once that feeling has been acknowledged, you and your therapist can work together to explore it further, in a safe environment.   Focusing is an experiential process that can be difficult. Alexandra Gusinsky recognizes that for this therapy to be successful, there has to be immense trust and respect between the client and the therapist. In her presence, you will know that you are being heard, and that you are in a place where you can fully experience the felt sense and the emotions that come with it.   For more information about focusing-oriented psychotherapy, call her today.
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