At some point, all families experience conflicts and go through crises. While some families are able to weather the storms by themselves, others need some help. Family therapy is an effective way for family members to work through problems as a group while ensuring that individual voices are heard.   Although the therapy program generally lasts only until a specific problem or issue has been resolved, family members learn skills in communication and conflict resolution that can have life-long benefits. Some families choose to continue with their family counselling sessions so they can strengthen their newfound skills.  

Why should I try family therapy?

  Many issues within families stem from one individual. Perhaps your father or sibling suffers from addiction, or maybe you have lost a job that you held for a long time. Someone in the family could have experienced a trauma or been diagnosed with a mental illness. While it might seem that these problems could be resolved through individual therapy for that family member, in many cases, dynamics within the rest of the family are affected. Furthermore, the affected individual can derive more benefit from the family banding together to tackle the problem as a unified team.As  a registered psychotherapist and counsellor for mental health in Toronto,  I highly recommend it.   During therapy sessions, family members are encouraged to talk openly about their feelings and perspectives. The therapist facilitates the discussion and ensures that it moves forward in a positive way. Some of the sessions might be dedicated to a subset of the family. For example, the siblings might attend one session, the parents might attend the next, and the entire family could present for the one after. This format allows the therapist to hear from each individual member as well as the entire family.  

Scheduling Your Family Counselling Consultation

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