Alexandra Gusinsky 

Registered Psychotherapist

provides a safe, friendly environment that is free from judgment, and that facilitates healing and a sense of inner peace. In her offices, you will never feel rushed or forced. You will be in the presence of a skilled psychotherapist who genuinely cares and wants to foster a connection based on mutual trust and respect.

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A Counsellor  Respecting The Uniqueness Of You


In days gone by, seeing a therapist generally meant going for traditional psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”. In this format,the therapist acts as a facilitator to the client talking about the current emotional and mental effect of prior past experiences. Depending on the individual and the circumstances, the therapist may recommend some coping techniques to help the client avoid and manage anxiety attacks, episodes of depression and bouts of self-injurious behaviour.


While this kind of talk therapy is beneficial to many people, it is not the answer for everyone. Alexandra Gusinsky recognizes and embraces the fact that everyone is different. Therefore, not everyone will respond to the same forms of treatment. At her office, she offers a wide array of mental health services that facilitate many modes of healing. The services she offers include the following:


Mental Wellbeing Within Your Reach

Mental health is often not treated with the same degree of concern as physical health. People who experience struggles with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems are frequently told to “get over it” or that “someone else’s problems are worse”. Nobody should avoid seeking help because they feel ashamed or embarrassed. Instead, we need to move towards an acceptance of mental illness that enables people who are suffering to feel comfortable about the idea of seeing a therapist.  At the office of Alexandra Gusinsky, mental illness is taken seriously. It is her goal to smash the stigmas that exist and ensure that everyone has access to the mental healthcare services that they need. Contact her today to book your first appointment.
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Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy

Focusing-oriented psychotherapy, or “Focusing” as it is sometimes called, is a form of talk therapy in which the client is gently encouraged to tap into an inner feeling, or “felt sense”. The felt sense is not an identifiable emotion; rather, it is a sense that is difficult to put into words. The difficulty with verbalization is a key element of Focusing. Instead of talking about thoughts and emotions that are identifiable, clients allow themselves to explore those things that they cannot define.

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